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Properties pane

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The Properties pane can be accessed by clicking on the Toolbar Properties Icon.png icon on the toolbar.

The Properties pane lists out the settings configured for selected items. In Motive, each type of assets has a list of associated properties. These properties determine how the display and tracking of the corresponding items are done in Motive. This page will go over all of the properties, for each type of assets, that can be viewed or configured in Motive.

  • Properties pane when no item is selected



Properties pane when a rigid body is selected

Properties will be listed for recorded Takes, rigid body assets, skeleton assets, force plate device, and NI-DAQ device. Detailed descriptions on each corresponding properties are documented on the following pages:

Advanced Settings


Advanced Settings

The Properties pane contains advanced settings that are hidden by default. Access these settings by going to the menu on the top-right corner of the pane and clicking Show Advanced and all of the settings, including the advanced settings, will be listed under the pane.

The list of advanced settings can also be customized to show only the settings that are needed specifically for your capture application. To do so, go the pane menu and click Edit Advanced, and uncheck the settings that you wish to be listed in the pane by default. One all desired settings are unchecked, click Done Editing to apply the customized configurations.

ShowAdvancedSettings.png EditAdvancedSettings.png EditAdvancedSettings Done.png