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Welcome to Motive documentation wiki. (Ver 2.2)

Motive is a software platform designed to control motion capture systems for various tracking applications. Motive not only allows the user to calibrate and configure the system, but it also provides interfaces for both capturing and processing of 3D data. The captured data can be both recorded or live-streamed to other pipelines. Motive obtains 3D information via Reconstruction, which is the process of compiling multiple 2D images of markers to obtain 3D coordinates. Using 3D coordinates from tracked markers, Motive can obtain 6 Degree of Freedom (3D position and orientation) data for multiple rigid bodies and skeletons, and enable tracking of complex movements in the 3D space. The below workflow pages provide detailed instructions and tips on using Motive for various motion capture applications.


Note: that skeleton tracking related features are offered only with the Motive:Body license.

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Motive Workflow Pages

  1. Installation and Activation
  2. Motive Basics
  3. Capture Setup (Calibration, Marker Setup)
  4. Assets (Rigid Body Tracking and Skeleton Tracking)
  5. Data Recording
  6. Data Types
  7. Labeling
  8. Data Editing
  9. Data Export
  10. Data Streaming
  11. Motive Batch Processor


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